Which TV genres were the most engaging in January?

The Super Blue Blood Moon, Tide Pod PSAs, and Winnie the Pooh Day were just some of the trending topics on Twitter this month. But dystopian dramas, glamorous celebrations, and breath-taking documentaries bolstered social engagement around TV too.   

Top 5 Channels

Top 5 genres

Celebrity Big Brother, Dancing on Ice and The Voice have all maintained high levels of engagement, looking at isolated Broadcast Windows (BCW) and across the entire month, which helped the Entertainment genre to dominate social TV discussions. 

Delving into the Documentaries genre, our 24-7 data reveals that nature and wildlife shows, including Winterwatch and Big Cats were consistently the most mentioned. However, looking purely at BCW data we discovered that relatable one offs clearly drove the highest spikes in engagement, with The UK’s favourite walks, and School for Stammerers topping the Broadcast Leaderboard for January in this genre.


Biggest Broadcast 

Despite many successful documentaries, drama series and talent shows in the past 31 days, the most discussed Broadcast on Twitter was The National Television Awards, aired on ITV. Not only did it achieve an astonishing engagement rate, the NTAs also generated incredibly positive discussions and comments, with 45.4% of all Tweets posted during the show classified as exclusively positive by our sentiment algorithm. 

A special mention goes out to @SteveBrookes69, by far the biggest contributor, who Tweeted over 300 times during the broadcast. Steve, along with the 30.0K other Unique Authors, helped the NTAs place above Celebrity Big Brother and Dancing On Ice on the Broadcast Leaderboard for January. 


Drilling down into more granular data about TV related Twitter activity in January, we were able to investigate the biggest 60 seconds of any show. Last month’s peak TV minute was surrounding the NTAs on 23/02/18 at 21:17 with 1, 045 Tweets posted in 60 seconds! The ITV awards narrowly beat CBB, which fell 14 Tweets short. 


As this long first month draws to a close, and many crack open their first cold one of the year, we’ve enjoyed reflecting on the strong start to social engagement that TV has made to 2018, with over 7.0M Tweets posted.

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