Stranger Things - The Undisputed King of Netflix

After the enormous success of the first season, Stranger Things comes back to Netflix just as potent a second time. Within October alone, it received 216.3K Tweets and 46.4M Impressions being the undisputed #1 on Netflix, beating one of the biggest recent shows on the platform, Rick and Morty.

There was a lot of buzz around the new series of the Netflix production such as changing the release date which without a doubt kept social media users on their toes. The first peak of activity appeared on Friday the 13th (spooky!) with 11.8K Tweets when the trailer was released, of which 11.2% expressed Expectation. The tension was in the Twitter air!

Twitter absolutely loved the Stranger Things’ kids. Throughout October ‘Eleven’ (Millie Bobby Brown) was the most talked about character, with over 5K mentions followed by ‘Dustin’ (Gaten Matarazzo) who appeared in 1.4K posts. Surprisingly, Joyce played by Winona Ryder got only 418 Tweets within 30 days. 

Based in the 80’s in the US, Stranger Things includes many references (such as soundtrack and style) which might be great fun for the part of the audience who actually lived in that time. However, this wasn’t reflected on social media – the most active Twitter group was the one aged 21 – 34 with 56.7% of Tweets coming from their accounts, whereas only 22.6% of Tweets were posted by the group ‘over 35’.

The launch day generated around half as many Tweets as the previous three weeks – we noticed 54.2K posts on the 27th of October alone. As this season was widely promoted and had quite a lot creative PR stunts (i.e. Topshop’s line of Stranger Things’ clothes and Oxford Circus campaign), the release day didn’t go unnoticed among celebrities. Over 1K Tweets that day came from celebrities and influencers such as @jackwhitehall, @ScarlettMoffatt, @kathbum and @OliWhiteTV.

The release of the new series was nicely timed compared with the previous one that appeared in July – Halloween just got even better!

Key Stats:

  • On the release day Netflix was the leading channel followed by BBC One
  • Across October Stranger Things was the biggest Netflix show
  • Within 30 days period @milliebbrown was the most talked about actress with her Twitter handle appearing in 3,421 Tweets
  • The show sustained fairly balanced popularity with 53% of Tweets coming from female Twitter accounts vs 47% of those posted by men

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