The Wimbledon-loving sports fans

Withe the dust settled on another thrilling Wimbledon tennis championships, we have leveraged our Sportscope data of consumer sport-related consumption and behaviour, to identify and explore the Wimbledon fans in six countries where tennis has a robust following; UK, US, China, Brazil, France and Australia. 

From this we have created two infographics: one looking at those who are tennis fans and are interested* in Wimbledon and the other uncovering all sports fans who are interested* in Wimbledon. 

Download both infographics now and discover who the Wimbledon fans are in each country, how they are split demographically and what other sports they follow.

Download the tennis fan infographic

Download the all sports fans infographic

Discover more about  British Wimbledon fans, from Pimm's drinking to celebrity influence, with our '5 things you never knew...' infographic - see link in the top right corner.


*Either ‘extremely interested’ or ‘very interested’

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