A year in the life of TV and Twitter in the UK

A Year in the Life of TV and Twitter:  is an independent overview of Twitter and its relationship to television, with the main focus being the correlation between TV viewing levels and Twitter activity.

The report is the result of extensive analysis by Kantar Media using their analysis software for viewing data and Twitter data related to UK TV shows.  Its primary sources are TV data tracked by Twitter in the UK, combined with TV viewing data from BARB. The period covered encompasses one year of TV, from 1 June 2013 to 31 May 2014.  It takes in over 110 million TV-related tweets, from over 13 million unique users.

This study covers live broadcasts and so the results do not include video on demand related tweets. Because conversations around live sports and news can come from anywhere in the world, these have also not been covered by the report. 

It also: 

  • Analyses 110m Tweets over 12 months in UK’s biggest study of TV and Twitter
  • Identifies Social TV top 30 series that account for 50% of TV Tweets
  • Confirms that Tweets can boost TV ratings.

Click the download link to the right to download the study. 

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