Paw-sitive Twitter Activity Around Big Cats

Whether you are fan of big cats or their smaller cousins, the new BBC documentary series is purrfect for any cat lover – the first episode saw 7.6K Tweets from 4.5K Unique Authors generating 3.6M Impressions across Thursday!

Depicting life and curious facts of wild cats, Big Cats created a space for debates about endangered species and ways of protecting them as @wwf_uk  appeared in 613 Tweets, making it the third most mentioned Twitter account after @bbcone and @bbcearth. Tweeters were lively reacting to different cats which was reflected in peaks and troughs throughout the episode. However, it was the rusty spotted cat that stole the show – we noticed 130 Tweets at 20.12 marking the biggest minute.

The documentary gathered more female Tweeters than male ones, with 62.7% of all Tweets posted by women. The group aged 25-49 was the most active as nearly 69% of posts were associated with their accounts. 

With 5.4K Tweets in the Broadcast Window, Big Cats reached a pawesome 4th place on our Leaderboard and contributed 2.52% of social chatter on Thursday. 

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