X Factor Rak-Su-p Tweets!

After weeks of emotional journeys, the singing competition came to an end with high social media ratings – 53.1K Tweets and 26.8M Impressions on Sunday. 

For the first time in X Factor history a boy band won – the Watford-based group Rak-Su won over Tweeters hearts’ and drove the chatter. ‘Raksumusic’ and #raksu appeared 10.0K and 1.0K times respectively in Sunday’s conversation. The biggest minute was also fueled by the excitement about this year’s winners with 954 Tweets occurring at 20.51. Tweeters absolutely loved the verdict as 52.5% of posts contained Positive Sentiment of which nearly 35% expressed ‘Joy’. 

The X Factor’s account was spot on with their Tweets which received the most likes and Impressions – their post announcing the winner received 6.3K Likes! 
X Factor secured second place on Sunday’s 24/7 Leaderboard contributing X% to Twitter chatter!

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