The UK’s travel industry has been through a lot in recent years. The pandemic upended consumer holiday plans almost overnight and the industry is still seeking to recover losses incurred during lockdowns and their aftermath.

This has been against a backdrop of the added challenge of the cost-of-living crisis impacting consumers’ ability to pay for holidays that several years ago might have felt considerably more affordable.

In our exclusive report we use our TGI data to explore the travel intentions of British consumers in 2024, revealing key insights for marketers keen to understand travel trends and how best to engage different types of holidaymaker. Highlights include:

  • Those who have already booked a main holiday this year, those who are planning one and those not going anywhere
  • Trends in holidaying within Britain vs. abroad across recent years
  • Top considerations when planning a holiday (e.g. weather, accommodation, etc.)
  • Impact of changing climatic conditions on choosing where to holiday
  • The role of social media in influencing holiday planning
  • How the holiday plans of British consumers compare to those in other countries

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