Cross-Media & Cross-Platform Measurement

Measure the reach of advertising across platforms and media with our granular audience insights. Understand and monetise your content across platforms
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Measure cross-media reach and frequency across platforms 

Uncover data-driven insights to track audience ratings across broadcast, streaming and video platforms and identify growth opportunities. 

Understand emerging market dynamics 

Access cross-media data for your content and advertising across broadcast, streaming and video platforms. Unlock the value of total audience measurement across platforms.

Understand people, not devices

Kantar Media expands the coverage of audience measurement, measuring both linear television and online video in a complete, integrated and persons-centric way.


Get full value from first-party data 

Our solutions are developed with a flexible and open methodology to permit the integration of additional data sources so you can improve targeting and understand outcomes.

If it’s not measured, it’s not monetised. Our integrated cross-platform data fuels media-owner strategies for monetising content, growing audiences and increasing advertising sales through showcasing the reach of services across devices and platforms.  

As advertising becomes increasingly targeted, our cross-media measurement also gives advertisers a unified view of campaign performance, generating deduplicated and highly accurate measures of advertising exposure. 

Our high-quality audience measurement panels provide person-level audience viewing data. With Kantar Media you can learn exactly who’s watching, and how, across platforms and devices
Our connected data solutions leverage both our experience in maximising the potential of data at scale and our world-leading data science team, to integrate and enhance the granularity of TV and viewing data
Our two complimentary guides for advertisers and media owners will help inform your future strategy, contextualise the importance of online video measurement, and ultimately help grow your business.