Audience Measurement & Insight

Unlock audiences and drive growth, with our versatile audience measurement solutions and expertise

Build long-term value for your business by understanding context and comparability across platforms and devices. Enrich and activate first-party data to monetise attentive and engaged viewers.

Our TV ratings and audience measurement services deliver a consistent source of accurate data that drives informed decisions.  

We work with a broad range of clients across the media ecosystem – from established players to new challengers in over 60 markets worldwide. This breadth has given us the understanding that everyone uses audience data in different ways to service different business outcomes, or different models, and we have built flexibility into our solutions from the ground up accordingly. 

What we do

TV & viewing ratings

Devices don’t watch content – people do. Discover how Kantar Media’s panels and technologies deliver granular, people-based insights into the viewing experience

Cross-platform & cross-media measurement 

If it’s not measured, it’s not monetised! Learn how we can help you unlock value by delivering deduplicated audiences as viewers move across platforms and devices. 

Data connectivity & data science 

Learn how we work with platforms, technology providers and partners to enhance measurement solutions, deploying the most advanced data science methods and techniques to integrate data sets at scale. 

Blueprint for audience measurement

Find out how Kantar Media audience measurement solutions are getting bigger and better and driving success for all.  


How we help you

  • How do you grow and retain audiences and subscribers?


    Build and optimise customer management and CRM tools to increase loyalty and identify new prospects. 

    Our audience data gives you valuable insights into the performance of new advertising solutions and emerging platforms like connected TVs. Evaluate consumer demand for different content delivery mechanisms and uncover emerging trends so you can make decisions with confidence. 
  • Can you move faster to measure and monetise your audience?


    Yes! We provide definitive data to understand trends in demand and migration between platforms, so media sellers can increase ad revenues and be informed during carriage and licensing negotiations. 
  • How can you optimise your media spend in a complex media ecosystem?


    Discover who’s engaging where, and how often, with trusted data from Kantar Media. 

    We deliver deduplicated user-centric reach and frequency data to understand how audiences are spending time across platforms, so you can focus on targeting effectively, optimising campaigns in flight, and driving sales and impact. 

  • How can you gain maximum value from first-party data sets? 


    Activate your first-party data by leveraging our state-of-the-art data science and at-scale processing expertise. Connect data sets to add value for customer profiling, retention, targeting and ad planning. 
  • How are my audiences engaging with content across platforms? 


    Discover who’s engaging where, and how often, with trusted data from Kantar Media. 

    Our audience measurement solution ensures you don’t operate with commercial blind spots, while our expertise enables you to calibrate your strategy. 
  • What is a total viewing audience approach? 


    We deliver the solutions that measure and report all viewing on all platforms, delivering a single people-based measure of media consumption, performance and value. This comprehensive approach gives media platforms the data they need to drive engagement with their audiences and optimise their investments.  

    We do this by providing deduplicated, user-centric reach and frequency across platforms and services, improving content monetisation to deliver the data in support of improved carriage deals. 
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