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About us

We serve the content and advertising ecosystems, providing innovative solutions to drive decisions, engage viewers and build long-term value.

Who we are
As people increasingly move across channels and platforms, Kantar Media’s data and audience measurement, targeting, analytics and advertising intelligence services unlock insights to inform powerful decision-making. 

Working with panel and first-party data in over 80 countries, we have the world’s fastest growing cross-media measurement footprint, underpinned by versatility, scale, technology and expertise, to drive long-term business growth for our clients and partners. 
4,500 people
700K consumers profiled
85 markets
20K TechEdge active users
What we do
Unlocking the power of audiences
For advertisers, agencies and media companies to succeed during disruptive times, understanding your audience is key.  

We serve the content and advertising ecosystems, delivering the insights needed to reach, engage, target and monetise audiences. Our audience measurement, targeting, analytics and advertising intelligence services provide the accuracy and reliability businesses need to make informed decisions and drive growth. 

Kantar Media solutions combine five decades of innovation with significant investment in the right innovations for the future. Trust, precision and privacy are hard-wired into everything we do, and it’s made us the chosen audience measurement partner in over 60 markets worldwide. Our mission is to create value for all: let us create value for you.  

Our expertise
Learn more about how we’re helping businesses build long-term value. 

Discover our open, future-ready solutions to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. 

Scale and Versatility 
Change requires agility, but it’s not enough to just do the same thing faster; it means having the versatility to deliver different things for different markets. Find a Kantar Media office near you.  


Meet the Leadership Team

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More about us
Kantar Media is proud of the recognition our innovations have received throughout the industry. 
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Open, future-ready solutions to help the media sector meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.
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Kantar Media and our parent company Kantar work with many best-of-breed partners to enhance the solutions we deliver to clients.