TGI Audience Profiling & Targeting

Drive performance for your marketing campaigns and media plans with trusted data, audience insights and media expertise

TGI’s unique data and insights can help media buyers and sellers identify target segments, plan cross-media campaigns and activate audiences.  

TGI’s rich global survey data provides marketers with the consumer understanding they need to create target audience profiles and drive business results. TGI data encompasses all aspects of audience behaviour – from product use to leisure activities, to attitudes and media engagement – and is trusted by hundreds of agencies, media owners and brands every day.  

What we do

TGI Consumer Data 

Every year, TGI surveys 700,000 people worldwide to build a complete picture of consumers and their media habits. Marketers use this comprehensive data for consumer analysis and target-audience profiling.  

TGI Data Connections 

Don’t settle for ‘one size fits all’ – connecting other data sets with TGI can reveal custom-tailored insights that give your business the edge. 

TGI Analysis Tools 

Fast and flexible TGI analysis tools put powerful insights within reach for every user, with simple interfaces and clear data visualisations.

How we help you

  • How can I better understand and target key consumer audiences?


    TGI offers unprecedented breadth and depth, including 25 billion datapoints covering thousands of media titles and brands. Analysing these comprehensive, granular metrics will enable you to build a complete picture of consumers and better understand and target specific audiences. 

  • How can I identify the right media properties and media mix for my campaigns?


    TGI comprises the industry’s most complete data set of media property usage, from digital platforms to national and local media titles, enabling truly optimised cross-media campaigns. 

    With TGI, you can assess consumer consumption of any mix of media, media vehicles or specific media brands, to fully understand engagement and refine campaign efficiency. 
  • How can I understand and target consumer targets as flexibly as possible?


    TGI provides both harmonised multi-market data sets and rich local studies for efficient local and global understanding.  

    We also offer several flexible ways to access TGI data and customised solutions, such as incorporating bespoke questions, connecting data sets and more – giving you the opportunity to create your own truly tailored insights. 
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