TGI Global Quick View

TGI Global Quick View provides a holistic global picture of online consumers, including purchase preferences and digital media consumption

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With TGI Global Quick View you can profile and plan across 37 different countries with harmonised consumer data.  

Encompassing 500+ advertiser brands across a wide range of industries and 200+ media brands, alongside a rich variety of in-depth metrics into consumer behaviour, our broad insights provide a holistic picture of online consumers around the world. 

Our findings are based on consumer data from over 80,000 respondents, with coverage of media habits, digital behaviours, interests (leisure, sport) and product, brand and content preferences.  
The latest wave of TGI Global Quick View delivers enhanced insights into video-on-demand and streaming behaviours – providing a unique opportunity to understand content, device and platform preferences across markets.  

Segmentations built in TGI Global Quick View are also comparable with TGI National and Regional Datasets to develop planning strategies that are based on global growth opportunities and resonate locally. 

Key Features

Media owners use TGI Global Quick View to: 

  • Understand online trends, gauge the competitive landscape and identify points of difference 
  • Profile audiences consistently across markets to grow ad sales revenue from advertisers globally 

Media agencies use TGI Global Quick View to:

  • Assess the digital maturity of a market and identify local differences to guide successful activation of target audiences 
  • Incorporate international data into the planning process to inform budget allocation across regions

Advertisers use TGI Global Quick View to: 

  • Focus marketing efforts on the right digital channels and online audiences 
  • Gain insights on digital commerce behaviours to uncover national, regional and global growth 
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Consumer data and insights for your country: identify target audiences in the markets that matter to you, analyse their use of national and local media brands, and build campaigns that will resonate locally 
Built on powerful TGI insights, our Regional Datasets enable enhanced audience targeting through the understanding of consumer behaviour across neighbouring markets – so you can build campaigns that resonate at a local, national or regional level
TGI is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution – we offer a range of flexible tailored options to make our insights work even harder to fit your unique data requirements