TGI Regional Datasets

Built on powerful TGI insights, our Regional Datasets enable enhanced audience targeting through the understanding of consumer behaviour across neighbouring markets – so you can build campaigns that resonate at a local, national or regional level

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With TGI Regional Datasets you can:

  • Target consumers at a regional, national or local level with a single, harmonised data set 
  • Identify new pan-regional marketing and advertising strategies 
  • Stay ahead of international market trends 
  • Analyse cultural differences and cross-border synergies 
  • Leverage a data set that’s constantly evolving to include latest brands and media titles in a region. 

Key Features

Enhanced pan-market consumer understanding 

TGI Regional Datasets (TGI Europa and TGI Latina) provide rich, in-depth, harmonised insights into consumer behaviour across neighbouring markets.  

These data sets deliver the who, why and how of consumer behaviour across the whole set of TGI variables, from brand use, leisure activities, attitudes, values and intention to purchase. 

Local, national and regional media coverage  

TGI Regional Datasets incorporate a wealth of media coverage, enabling the development of media plans that resonate with target audiences across the region. 

In a single database, users can access: 

  • Local media usage – including local newspapers, radio stations and TV channels
  • National media usage – all media channels, typically at a channel level, including options such as ‘topic of interest’ and subscription services 
  • Regional media usage – pan-regional media, including TV channels, websites, social media and major international news brands

Brand coverage

Unrivalled coverage of national and international brands across dozens of product sectors and categories, including automotive, financial services, food and drink, technology, toiletries and cosmetics, and much more. 

Brands coverage extends to frequency and recency of usage, method of purchase and intention to purchase. 
This four-country harmonised data set is released twice a year, built on a robust sample of 60,000 consumers (24,000 in GB, 15,000 in France and 10,000 each for Germany and Spain) 

Countries included in TGI Europa are: Great Britain, Germany, France and Spain 
This seven-country harmonised data set is released bi-annually, built on a robust sample of 70,000 consumers (ranging from 3,500 in Chile up to 24,000 in the more populous market of Brazil) 

Countries included in TGI Latina are: Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile 
Consumer data and insights for your country: identify target audiences in the markets that matter to you, analyse their use of national and local media brands, and build campaigns that will resonate locally 
TGI Global Quick View provides a holistic global picture of online consumers, including purchase preferences and digital media consumption
TGI is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution – we offer a range of flexible tailored options to make our insights work even harder to fit your unique data requirements