Advertising Intelligence

Access comprehensive advertising insights that help brands and media companies grow

Understand your competitors’ ad spend, placement, messaging and more

Understand competitor ad spend, placement and messaging and gain the advantage you need to win. 

Kantar Media delivers comprehensive ad intelligence across all media forms. Advertisers and agencies rely on us for the competitive research they need to optimise their media plans and increase their share of voice, while media companies can see where they stand and maximise their share of budget.  

What we do

Competitive monitoring 

Stay ahead with alerts on competitor activity, benchmark ad spend and get early visibility on messaging and creative. 

Fast, comprehensive ad intelligence

Rapid data on brand activities, messaging, media performance and share of voice across traditional and digital media. 

Actionable insights 

Track campaign performance and share of media spend with trend and spend analysis to identify opportunities. 

How we help you

  • How can brands optimise their advertising strategies?


    Create informed plans with visibility into your competitors’ media investments and creative messaging. 
  • How can media companies maximise their growth?


    Identify sales prospects and sharpen your focus with detailed analysis of where, when and how much advertisers are spending. 
  • How can media agencies deliver the best results for clients?


    Benchmark results and maximise budget allocations with a comprehensive view of the advertising landscape. 
  • How can brands and agencies see how their creative compares?


    See messaging and creative from other brands in your industry, so you can create informed strategies.  
  • How can I assess my media plans?


    Achieve transparency across platforms and media with insights into ad placement, spend and creative across display, social, video and more.