Understanding CSR issues in advertising

Kantar Media developed a measurement system for corporate social responsibility campaigns, allowing M6 Advertising to understand the CSR ad market and strengthen its position as a green media owner.


M6 Advertising Group needed insights into corporate social responsibility (CSR) advertising to position itself as a green media company in the French market. Additionally, it wanted to promote and grow the sector by sharing these insights with the wider market. 


Kantar Media in France developed an advertising monitoring system based on seven key CSR criteria, allowing M6 to measure campaign investments in CSR and identify the active brands by sector. 


M6 Advertising was able, for the first time, to understand its share of the CSR ad sector and discovered it was the market leader. 


M6 used these insights to reinforce its overall business strategy and strengthen its position as a green media owner. Kantar Media shared the CSR survey findings market-wide, generating a great deal of new CSR-based business activity. M6 is now considering working with Kantar Media to establish a CSR ad-monitoring currency across the French advertising market. 

Annabelle Guilly, Insights Director, M6 Advertising:“In a context where social and environmental issues are now integrated into the development of brands, we are delighted that this project has been able to lead to a consensus on the measurement of CSR campaigns, delivered by Kantar Media, and that France is the first country to have access to this strategic tool.”
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