Data Connectivity 

Our connected data solutions leverage both our experience in maximising the potential of data at scale and our world-leading data science team, to integrate and enhance the granularity of TV and viewing data
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Enhance and enrich panel data 

Gain insights using panel data enhanced by integrating census-level device data.

Unlock the power of more data sets 

We turn device data into persons-centric data so that you can maximise your business impact.

Measure across media and across platforms  

Our calibration panels and data science experts lead the way in integrating data for cross-media consumer insights and planning.  

Unite audience panel and device data 

We integrate audience and ratings data from panels and devices with first-party audience lifestyle and attitudinal data. 

Unleash the potential of more data sets, such as streaming, device, operator and first-party data, with Kantar Media.  

Our deep experience in processing data sets, combined with our data science team’s expertise, can realise the potential of first-party data sets. 

Our privacy-compliant techniques and data-agnostic approach are fuelled by our data partnerships around the world. 

We ensure that data at scale is driving our clients’ strategies for growth.

Enhance panel data and increase granularity by scaling up your audience measurement. Add census, media consumption, purchase and third-party data, all at massive scale
Supercharge your data! Integrate audience data and enhance with statistical analysis and expertise across different media and platforms
Measure the reach of advertising across platforms and media with our granular audience insights. Understand and monetise your content across platforms