TGI Analysis Tools

Use TGI‘s intuitive data analysis tools to quickly and easily interrogate data sets, create reports and access consumer profiling insights
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Fast, flexible consumer analysis

Intuitive online tools that provide access to TGI data anywhere, any time. 

Solutions to fit different needs

Users with any requirements or analysis experience can use our tools, which all include user-friendly interfaces and clear data visualisation. 

Data set integration

Other data sets can easily be assimilated into our analysis tools. Similarly, our data can be integrated into third-party environments using APIs. 

TGI offers numerous ways for you to access the consumer insights you need, as quickly and simply as possible – from our powerful Choices software to the intuitive TGI Snapshot. 

Our flexible customer analytics solutions allow you to add other data sets into our analysis interface, or incorporate TGI into your own bespoke data dashboard via our API capability.   



TGI Choices 

Quickly create reports and visualisations with an easy-to-use browser-based tool that includes powerful analysis and flexible targeting features.

TGI Snapshot 

Make fast progress with an intuitive interface for entry-level users incorporating built-in data visualisation features and a target builder module for rapid audience profiling. 


Have TGI data fed directly into your own application or dashboard, create your own bespoke solutions using TGI data and build bespoke segmentations. 
Consumer data and insights for your country: identify target audiences in the markets that matter to you, analyse their use of national and local media brands, and build campaigns that will resonate locally 
TGI Global Quick View provides a holistic global picture of online consumers, including purchase preferences and digital media consumption
TGI is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution – we offer a range of flexible tailored options to make our insights work even harder to fit your unique data requirements