TGI National Datasets

Consumer data and insights for your country: identify target audiences in the markets that matter to you, analyse their use of national and local media brands, and build campaigns that will resonate locally 

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TGI solutions continually evolve to help you better understand the changing dynamics of consumer life.  

Our data – and the people who bring it to life – are trusted across the marketing and advertising ecosystem, providing an objective insight, strategy and trading currency that fuels the billions of dollars of marketing investments made every year. 

Key Features

Media buyers use TGI to:

  • Identify the right consumer target for their sector and country
  • Understand the full range of a consumer target’s behaviour and attitudes 
  • Reach targets within a specific country, on a national level, in a truly media-neutral way, including offline and metered online activity 

Media sellers use TGI to:

  • Profile audiences on a national level with unmatched breadth and depth of data 
  • Find key sales arguments highlighting reach and affinity of media brands vs. competitors 
  • Maximise the value of advertising inventory 
National TGI Datasets are available in 46 markets worldwide
 Belgium    Bosnia-Herzegovina    Croatia 
 Czechia   Denmark   Finland
 France   Great Britain   Germany
 Greece   Hungary   Israel 
 Italy   Northern Ireland   North Macedonia
 Norway   Poland   Portugal
 Republic of Ireland   Serbia   Slovakia
 Slovenia   Spain   Sweden
 Argentina   Brazil    Canada 
 Chile   Colombia   Costa Rica
 Ecuador   Guatemala   Mexico
 Panama   Paraguay   Peru
 USA   Venezuela  

 China    India   Japan 
 South Africa   South Korea   United Arab Emirates

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