People-Based Audience Data

Unlock audience ratings across TV sets, platforms and devices with powerful viewing data that delivers a single audience measure of who’s watching your content and advertising
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Context and comparability  

Benefit from versatility and scale with the widest and fastest-growing cross-platform audience measurement footprint globally. 

Data accuracy  

Our services are the industry solution in 62 markets, offering trust, precision and privacy to the entire ecosystem. 

Unlock first-party data 

Our calibration panels provide a valuable hub for data integration, reach overlap calculation and the personification of device usage data. 

Future-ready solutions 

Our solutions are built to track emerging technologies and distribution methods as they reach critical mass. 

Devices don’t watch content and advertising; people do! 

Our person-level, panel-based measurement solutions deliver deduplicated audience viewing figures across platforms and devices. 

We deliver a definitive picture for content owners, content distributors and advertising sellers so they can generate maximum revenue from their content. 

TV set and online viewing monitoring: understand your audience and the content and advertising they’re watching with our media measurement solutions, based on data aggregated from over 145,000 connected devices daily
Our high-quality audience measurement panels provide person-level audience viewing data. With Kantar Media you can learn exactly who’s watching, and how, across platforms and devices
Enhance panel data and increase granularity by scaling up your audience measurement. Add census, media consumption, purchase and third-party data, all at massive scale