Panels for Ratings & Calibration

Our high-quality audience measurement panels provide person-level audience viewing data. With Kantar Media you can learn exactly who’s watching, and how, across platforms and devices

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How many people are actually watching each screen, and who are they?  

What combination of screens are they using and when?  

Our panels deliver deep and actionable data into the totality of viewing with true people-based measurement. They map the future of the media ecosystem and are a focal point for our technology development. 

The industry relies on our trusted privacy-compliant solutions to make the most informed decisions about real-world audience behaviour. 

Key Features

Panels offer people-based measurement 

Go beyond household-level metrics and gain deep and actionable insight into the complete viewing experience on a person-based level. 

Cross-media insights  

Calibrate and unify data sets across platforms and devices to establish reach and frequency, and target demographics across all screens.  

Safe, trusted, compliant 

We manage and process data from panel homes across the world, providing vital viewing insights each day. Protecting panellist privacy and keeping their data safe is mission critical. 
Panel data plays an essential role in data calibration as well as integration, with additional rich data sets such as streaming, connected TV and operator data.  

Together, these hybrid data sets enable powerful planning, trading and evaluation capabilities. 
Clients can use our panels as the foundation to contextualise and enhance their own data sets. Our panel data delivers the granular demographics to bring other data sets to life, providing deduplicated reach across platforms and devices and enriching targeting and programmatic systems. 
Our calibration panels provide a valuable hub for data integration, reach overlap calculation and the personification of device usage data.
TV set and online viewing monitoring: understand your audience and the content and advertising they’re watching with our media measurement solutions, based on data aggregated from over 145,000 connected devices daily
Enhance panel data and increase granularity by scaling up your audience measurement. Add census, media consumption, purchase and third-party data, all at massive scale
Supercharge your data! Integrate audience data and enhance with statistical analysis and expertise across different media and platforms