TGI Data Connections

TGI is not a ‘one size fits all’ solution – we offer a range of flexible tailored options to make our insights work even harder to fit your unique data requirements
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A unique TGI with your own questions!

Ask your own bespoke questions of TGI respondents for a truly unique data set. 

Get a broader view of your segments

Integrate your existing segmentations into TGI for a wider view of their consumer behaviour.

More efficient media-specific planning and buying

Connecting TGI data to media currencies, such as Barb and Route in the UK, unlocks new insights beyond demographics to enrich audience profiles. 

Enhanced online campaigns

Use TGI to build highly targeted ads for online activation – based on values, attitudes, behaviours or media preferences – without fuelling consumer privacy worries.

Customise your TGI to fit your exact audience understanding and targeting requirements via our range of flexible, tailored solutions that provide the specific insights you require. 

TGI Plus – Quick Connections 

Collect bespoke additional datapoints that we’ll incorporate into your TGI for a data set unique to you. 

TGI Plus – Advanced Connections 

Create additional perspectives within your TGI by creating or linking an existing segmentation just for you. 

TGI Currency Connections 

Make your strategic plans more effective, fusing to media planning currencies. Target Group Ratings connects TGI to the viewing currency used by media buyers and sellers. 

TGI Audience Activation 

Run effective online campaigns with our vast range of pre-built, always-on TGI audiences, available across digital activation marketplaces. Custom feeds (e.g. geo-based) and custom audiences are also available. 

TGI Global Quick View provides a holistic global picture of online consumers, including purchase preferences and digital media consumption
Consumer data and insights for your country: identify target audiences in the markets that matter to you, analyse their use of national and local media brands, and build campaigns that will resonate locally 
Use TGI‘s intuitive data analysis tools to quickly and easily interrogate data sets, create reports and access consumer profiling insights