Despite best intentions, with its seductive promise of speedy decision-making and categorisation, bias can all too often permeate marketing practices in the form of consumer stereotypes, leading to flawed judgements that impact campaign efficiency.

But in today’s advertising ecosystem there can be no room for untested assumptions. Instead marketers should seek to actively avoid bias by embracing a people-powered marketing approach to consumer understanding and targeting.

Our new guide, 'Beyond Bias’, draws upon TGI insights, opinion from our in-house experts and inputs from TGI clients and partners around the world to explore ways to actively avoid bias through more explicitly people-centric segmentation and targeting. 


  • Understanding the importance of people-powered marketing
  • Breaking free from the constraints of siloed datasets
  • Balancing local and global perspectives when targeting across borders
  • Comparing media on a truly level playing field
  • Ensuring people-based outcomes: practical considerations




Beyond Bias YouTube Broadcast
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