Winning in the age of authenticity

Honesty and authenticity are attributes that consumers tell us brands need to maintain more than ever. And if a brand is seen to step out of line it can be called out, and its error rapidly shared far and wide. What are some of the major considerations for brands, media owners and agencies as they seek to win in the age of authenticity?

Audiences, Advertisers & Applications
Exploring the shifting balance between advertising and subscription funding of media.
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Authentic communication in a mis-trusting world
Exploring the role PR and other media form play towards ensuring brands communicate in an authentic and genuine way.
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Balancing the brand scales
Exploring how consumers really feel about advertising and the many communication channels used to reach them.
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DIMENSION is our latest thinking on some of the biggest communication planning, buying and measurement issues faced by the industry.

Uniquely, the study reflects the response and attitudes from twin perspectives: those of the industry’s practitioners and those of the consumers they are trying to reach.

Now in its third year, the findings send a strong message that the recurring issues haven’t gone away, and the imperfect balance our industry finds itself in remains.

Whilst data isn’t the answer in itself, it can empower those shaping media and communications planning to deliver insights and drive material outcomes to gain competitive advantage.