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How can marketers ride the wave of the IoT?

Smart watches, VR headsets, fitness tracking devices, mobile health monitoring, intelligent packaging and a range of Wi-Fi -enabled household items are already part of our day to day lives. But this is just the beginning! How can marketers tap into this market now and win the IOT revolution?

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Automotive: the rise in thinking green and acting green?

The 2016 Paris Motor Show has delivered its bumper load of new cars. Although present for some years now, this time it is indeed electric and hybrid cars that were honoured on most stands. Renault Trezor, Volkswagen I.D., Mercedes EQ, Toyota Prius Rechargeable Oven, Opel Ampera, Hyundai Ionic, BMW 100% electric, Smart Fortwo electric drive, Porsche Panamera … The age of the ‘green’ car is well and truly here!

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