Whether an advertiser briefing its agency, an agency planning a media campaign for its client, or a publisher valuing its inventory, age is often the key differentiator in building a target audience and is typically the most important way to measure the success of a campaign.

However, given the advances in research methodologies and technologies, and significant leaps in our understanding of consumers, are age-based audiences still the most effective way to go to market?

Beyond Age draws upon the power of Kantar’s TGI data to explore how marketers can develop richer, more closely defined target audiences and ultimately build more successful campaigns. 

5 reasons to download the report: 

  1. Understand age misconceptions online
  2. Assess limitations of targeting using age-based proxies
  3. Discover what global data tells us about age-based planning
  4. Explore diversity of generational segments
  5. Maximise your consumer insights to boost marketing effectiveness


beyond age