Media and entertainment is a multi-trillion-dollar industry, buoyed by improved technology, connectivity and a thirst for content. Our position as the world leader in audience measurement is grounded in the continual appraisal of trends to guide and drive our measurement innovation. 

Our latest report, The Future Viewing Experience, explores the trends and behaviours redefining the viewing landscape, offering a new and objective appraisal of where TV and video are heading while highlighting the implications for audience measurement and the wider industry. 

Focused on the delivery of video content and advertising, and the evolution of viewer experiences and behaviours, the report explores four key areas: 

  1. Content and delivery, screens and distribution, and the battle to control the viewing gateway    
  2. Emerging viewing behaviours, and new strategies for audience retention and monetisation     
  3. New growth opportunities for addressable advertising     
  4. Audience data, sovereignty, and the viewer value exchange