Audience measurement is transforming at a rapid rate, particularly to meet the challenge of measuring both linear broadcast and online video in an integrated manner. As content creators, producers, distributors and platforms, it’s essential to track your audience across platforms and showcase the reach of your services. Additionally, there is a need for media agencies and advertisers to plan and optimise campaigns across platforms and devices, and to evaluate the deduplicated reach and effectiveness of their advertising.

Our latest thought leadership campaign, Unlocking Value, aims to showcase the benefits of people-based measurement and how expanding beyond linear TV measurement is a question of when, not if.

Download Kantar Media’s Advertiser’s Guide to reaching and engaging cross-media audiences or The Media Owner’s Guide to monetising viewers across platforms to inform your future strategy, contextualise the importance of online video measurement, and ultimately help grow your business. 

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Media Trends and Predictions 2021
10 trends that will impact media and communications in 2021
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