Detect Now Privacy Policy

Kantar Privacy Policy

Effective: March 1st, 2017

This privacy policy (“Policy”) describes the commitment that Kantar S.A.S., a société par actions simplifiée unipersonnelle duly incorporated under the laws of France, with its registered seat at 2 rue Francis Pédron, 78240 Chambourcy, France (a/k/a “Kantar”) (“Kantar”, "Us" and "We") makes to protect your privacy.

This Policy applies solely to the use of information provided to Kantar’s application known as Detect Now (“Application”). This Policy does not apply to any other Kantar product, data or service.

The Application is developed, distributed and operated by Kantar. 

Our Policy may change from time to time and you should review it regularly.

General statement

Protecting and respecting the privacy rights of the employees and parties with whom we do business, such as customers, suppliers and contractors, is critical to our success. All Kantar employees follow applicable law and policies regarding the responsible use of consumer, client, employee and others’ personal information and take care to protect such sensitive data from inappropriate or unauthorized use or disclosure.

  • Ask about and comply with all of the following as they apply to personal data: (i) applicable laws and regulations of locations from which the personal data is collected and in which it is processed or used; (ii) your internal and customer-facing privacy policies; and (iii) any applicable contractual obligations.
  • Be aware of personal data that is subject to specific laws, such as customer financial information, cable subscriber personally identifiable information and customer proprietary network information ("CPNI"), and consult with the Kantar lawyer if they have any questions.
  • Collect, process and use personal data for legitimate business purposes only.
  • Use "anonymous" data (names and other personal information removed and not identifiable) or "aggregated" data (summarized so as not to be identifiable to an individual) instead of personal data where appropriate or required.
  • Limit access to personal data to individuals who need it for a legitimate business purpose, and, if third parties are involved, have a written confidentiality agreement in place reviewed by a Kantar lawyer.
  • Use care to prevent unauthorized access in processing of personal data or accidental loss or destruction of personal data.
  • Consult with Kantar legal counsel before establishing or updating any system, process or procedure to collect, use, disclose or transmit individual consumer information, medical or financial records, or other sensitive personal information.
  • If an employee learns that personal data has been used in violation of this policy, or if an employee learns that the security of any system or device containing personal data has been compromised, immediately notify the primary Kantar contact, supervisor or a Kantar lawyer.

Information Use and Sharing

The Application does not collect any data, including personal information, in Kantar’s database or any third-party’s database whatsoever.

Audio Content Recognition

The Application will make use of your device’s microphone in order to listen to audio watermarks for the purpose of identifying content on air. In order to protect your privacy, no audio data detected by the microphone is recorded or transmitted by the Application for any purpose.

Privacy Policy Changes

If we are going to use your information in a manner materially different from that stated in our Privacy Policy at the time of receipt, you will be notified via email or via the Application by Us. You will have a choice as to whether or not we use your information in this different manner and instructions for how to make that choice will be included in the notification.

Contact Us

If you have questions related to this Policy, please contact us via the following web site: .