How Wavemaker used TGI Audience Activation to boost programmatic campaigns for a Nordic bank

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Agency Wavemaker sought to enhance the programmatic campaign activity of its Nordic bank client in a privacy-safe way without relying on third-party cookies.


A bank in the Nordic region ran a savings and investment campaign in which the intended target groups included families and those with an interest in savings and investments. 

The team at Wavemaker had previously been targeting cookie-based Google affinity audiences but, with the deprecation of third-party cookies imminent, were looking to future-proof their set-up. 


Wavemaker teamed up in a pioneering partnership with the bank, and data provider IDFree used TGI’s Audience Activation service to discover consumer targets with a particularly high interest in savings and investments.  

As part of this TGI service, these audiences were matched by IDFree and made available for online activation. They were then tested against Google affinity audiences to compare set-up with the existing cookie-reliant set-up. 


The efficiencies of the new campaign were clear: 

  • 50% increase in click-through rate vs using third-party cookies 
  • 33% overall increase in CPM  



Through the cookieless approach, the campaign outperformed the cookie-based audiences by showing the ads in geo-areas where users more likely to be interested in savings and investment were based. 

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