Kantar introduces the Video Streaming Report

Kantar today announces the launch of Video Streaming Report.
08 February 2022

Kantar, the world’s leading data, insights, and consulting company, and provider of audience measurement services in 61 countries, today announces the launch of Video Streaming Report. Starting in Brazil, the tool enables subscribers to get a full picture of the viewing landscape. Through a single dashboard, data will be published daily, reporting viewing across all broadcast TV and video on demand (VOD) platforms including Globoplay, Netflix and YouTube.

The new service meets content owners and distributors needs for context and comparability across viewing formats. Subscribers can assess performance by a variety of measures including by platform, device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone, and Smart TV), and by time period. Audiences can be defined by target demographic, using reach curves by day and hour, while existing metrics like reach, overlap, time spent and share by platform are enriched.

Kantar is launching the new service in Brazil, a vibrant market for video consumption with 86% of consumers now watching online video monthly* and where consumers view nearly 7 hours of content on TV sets every day**. The service will be rolled out in additional markets in line with client demand and Kantar’s expanding cross-platform measurement roadmap and technology deployment.

“Video is a burgeoning platform, bringing news, entertainment, advertising, commerce, learning and more to viewers in a fragmented, varied market. Yet viewers’ time is finite,” commented Melissa Vogel, CEO of Kantar IBOPE Media in Brazil. “The launch of Video Streaming Report in Brazil marks the latest advancement in our ambition to deliver a definitive picture of consumer behaviour. It’s the first step towards a Cross-Media Audience Measurement realisation in Brazil, grounded in people-based measurement to realise deduplicated reach and frequency across platforms and devices.”

Kantar has the widest and fastest growing cross-platform audience measurement footprint in the world. Today’s announcement marks the imminent completion of the latest technology upgrade, with Kantar’s newest streaming meter installed across 3,000 Brazilian homes. Kantar Focal Meter is the most widely used router meter in the world to track and measure all viewing across all screens on the home network.


*Kantar Target Group Index, BR TG 2021 R2 Combined

**Kantar IBOPE Media, Instar Analytics, total individuals, ATS, 15 markets in Brazil, Jan-Dec/2021