Advertisers seek the optimal balance between data control and data access

Brands want more control of their media spend and believe data should be used by everyone – from the advertiser to the agency.
24 August 2021
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John McCarthy

Chief Marketing Officer

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Data strategies for brand growth’, our recently published global advertiser study, considers the views of over 670 advertisers across nearly 40 markets. The study explores how advertisers are not only keen to take more control of their data, but also want their technology partners to have better access to the data. By leveraging the full power of their own direct consumer relationships and bringing relevant stories to the right audiences at the right time, marketers are able to grow share of pocket in order to grow market share.

Building a more dynamic dialogue

Relationships between advertisers and their agencies are evolving and becoming more of a partnership. Marketers are seeking more exploratory conversations with their agencies and technology partners because everyone has access to different data sets. Our study reveals that 82% of advertisers want to take more control over their media spend (48% strongly agree); while 76% believe that data should be used by everyone: ‘us and our agencies’.

Advertiser strategies 

This effective, share-driving strategy, between agency and partners, can only come from access to consistent and meaningful data.

Accessibility and application frustrations

According to the advertisers we spoke to, some 63% of them find it hard to generate insights on competitor media activity, which is a concern given the priority placed on benchmarking. Turning data into insights in an easily accessible way remains a challenge for marketers and the advertising community. This requires a system with trusted data that’s understood by all and leveraged with consistency over time. Winning brands will be those that combine creative and context as effectively as possible, using real-time intelligence to understand audiences and competitor activity.

The full report is available to download here.

Editor’s Notes:

672 advertising executives from 39 countries took part in online survey. Collectively these countries account for over two thirds ($423 billion) of global advertising spend.  The results of the survey were combined with consumer data taken from Kantar TGI studies across the world, and Advertising spend data sourced from Kantar’s advertising intelligence services which monitor hundreds of millions of ads each year across over 26,000 media properties worldwide.

This short report provides an overview of the consideration’s advertisers can take to leverage the full power of their own direct consumer relationships, bringing relevant stories to the right audiences at the right time. It affirms how responsible data stewardship can enable marketers to grow share of pocket in order to grow market share.

Kantar brings speed to insights by equipping advertisers with the tools they need to build a focused the best advertising strategy, pivot when needed and execute effectively in the moment.

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