Netflix users gaming engagement

As Netflix announces plans to diversify into offering games we explore how Netflix users today engage with gaming
11 September 2023
Netflix gaming engagement
James Powell

Marketing Director, UK & Ireland

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Netflix recently announced its intention to expand into the gaming sector, seeing it as a key way of diversifying and a natural extension of its existing offering. It is thus timely to examine what engagement Netflix users have with gaming today.

Latest GB TGI data reveals that overall engagement is relatively strong. 55% of those who claim to have used Netflix ‘in the last 4 weeks’ say they play games on smartphones, games consoles, desktop/laptop computers, tablets or any other device - making them 22% more likely than the average adult to do so.

Other western European markets also see relatively high engagement with gaming by Netflix users. For example, our TGI Europa data reveals that Netflix users in Spain are 31% more likely than the average adult there to enjoy gaming, with the equivalent figures for Germany and France 26% and 33% respectively.

The likelihood of Netflix users in Britain to engage with gaming is not dissimilar to that of other video streaming giants.

Netflix gaming engagement

There are certain activities Netflix users are prone to do whilst gaming that potentially make them more commercially attractive to some marketers. They are 21% more likely than the average gamer to say they shop online whilst gaming and 20% more likely to say they order food.

Our TGI segmentation of gamer types reveals the most common type of gamer among Netflix viewers is ‘Mobile Casuals’, who display light or casual gaming behaviours and attitudes and tend to enjoy playing free games on their mobile.

They are followed by ‘Absolute Gamers’ (live and breathe gaming in attitudes and behaviour) and ‘Low-tech Puzzlers’ (casual, non-tech savvy gamers).

Netflix gaming engagement

When it comes to their media consumption, you would expect Netflix users who enjoy gaming to be particularly likely to be amongst the heaviest consumers of gaming and video-on-demand.

TGI reveals however that they are also considerably more likely than the average adult to be among the heaviest consumers of cinema, internet and social media.

Netflix gaming engagement

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