Seven million people in Britain intend to buy a TV set within the next year

With new TV sets sometimes retailing at up to several thousand pounds we explore who intends to buy a new TV in the next 12 months
21 November 2023
TV set buyers
James Powell

Marketing Director, UK & Ireland

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At this time of year with ads for Christmas and Black Friday in full swing one of the most common items pushed by retailers is the TV set. Whilst some TVs are sold for just a couple of hundred pounds or less, others cost up to several thousand pounds, often implying a healthy margin for the retailer.

But who is in the market for a TV set today? Latest GB TGI data reveals that 13% of adults (seven million people) claim they intend to buy a TV set in the next 12 months, a figure which has been fairly consistent in recent years. Interest in buying a new TV is also significantly higher in Britain than among its West European neighbours.

TV set buyers

In Britain, those with children in their household are particularly likely to be planning to buy a new TV, potentially indicating an element of pester power in the purchase decision making process. TGI data shows those with children at home are 33% more likely to plan on buying a TV than the average adult and this is reflected in the TGI lifestage groups, where ‘Primary School Parents’ (youngest child aged 5-9) are 52% more likely to be planning to buy a new TV and ‘Secondary School Parents’ (youngest child aged 10-15) are 40% more likely.

Whilst around half of those planning to buy a new TV in the next year don’t yet know what kind of screen it will have, 17% want an LED screen, 15% want QLED and 11% are planning on getting an OLED screen. In terms of the features the new TV will have, 72% of those planning on buying a new set want it to be a Smart TV, whilst 20% want it to have voice control and 15% would like it to have a curved screen.

Those intending to buy a TV are particularly likely compared to the average adult to wish to stand out, be the first among their peer group to own new things and to be willing to pay to get something just the way they want it.

TV set buyers 

When it comes to efficiently reaching those planning on buying a new TV, TGI shows that they are particularly likely to engage with a range of media compared to the average adult. 

Among the most notable are gaming, magazines and cinema.

TV set buyers

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