Social media users online ad engagement

As TikTok explore a paid ad-free version of their platform, we look at engagement with advertising today by users of social media networks
13 October 2023
Online advertising engagement
James Powell

Marketing Director, UK & Ireland

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TikTok recently began testing a new monthly subscription option that enables ad-free usage on the platform. Meta is also reportedly looking at potentially charging users in Europe who opt out of personalised ads on its platforms.

How is this likely to go down with social media users? Latest GB TGI data reveals that, generally speaking, users of social media apps are no more negative about advertising than the average adult. This is also broadly true when it comes to their engagement with online advertising specifically.

Online ad engagement

Where we do find a big variance, however, is when it comes to how often social media users access social networks, with those who access them very frequently far more likely to be positive about online advertising. 

In addition, the most frequent users of social networks are slightly less likely than the average adult to have used an ad blocker, whereas light users are slightly more likely than the average to do so.

Online ad engagement

If they weren’t seeing ads on their favourite social networks anymore, where might the heaviest users be seeing ads instead?

Beyond social media and internet advertising, the most frequent social media users are particularly likely to be amongst the heaviest consumers of media through gaming and outdoor media.

Online ad engagement

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