Providing Diageo with a richer understanding of its key consumer segments

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How the breadth and depth of TGI data enabled Diageo to better target its key consumer segments.


In order to better understand its key segments of drinkers, Diageo provided TGI with first-party data for six segments, including: Vodka, Liquor, Beer, Cachaça and others.


Using privacy-safe statistical processing, we data matched these segments onto existing TGI audiences via our TGI Plus capability, which enables the integration of ad hoc data into TGI quickly and inexpensively.


Adding the breadth and richness of TGI data to Diageo’s existing consumer data opened up a huge number of new insights into the behaviours and characteristics of its segments.


Diageo gained a much wider, richer understanding of the behaviours and characteristics of each of its six segments thanks to TGI’s breadth and depth, enabling richer targeting and addressable capabilities.

Marco Frade, Head of Media, Digital & CRM, Diageo PUB (Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay):“Diageo is looking to continually invest and improve in fast-growing paths to purchase whilst maintaining our responsible use of data. As digital transformation takes new and important steps, we need to have a deeper multi-category view of our consumers. Using data sources like Kantar Media TGI, we leverage our segmentations to plan and activate at speed and scale and deliver a better experience for consumers.”
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