Enhancing addressable Connected TV audience targeting

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Kantar Media enabled Samsung Ads to provide advertisers with a market-leading addressable CTV targeting solution by leveraging our TGI data.


Samsung Ads provides advertising solutions built on a unique source of first-party TV data from more than 50 million Samsung Smart TVs across Europe. It saw an opportunity to complement this data by overlaying industry-standard addressable audiences in demographic segments for trading and targeting purposes. 


We worked with Samsung Ads to enhance its targeting solution for Connected TV (CTV) using Kantar Media’s TGI data, the gold standard in GDPR compliance, using extensive, fully opted-in panellist data. 


Our goal was to predict the demographic characteristics of Samsung Smart TV viewers without using personally identifiable (PII) data. In 2022, we moved from testing to full market availability, enabling Samsung Ads to offer an enhanced targeting solution across branding and performance-based CTV campaigns.  


We helped Samsung Ads deliver a market-leading addressable CTV targeting solution. This initiative also laid the groundwork for further matching and scaling between Samsung Ads and our data, enhancing Samsung Ads’ ability to offer detailed, targeted audience segments through its market-leading CTV service. 

Nik Dewar, EU Sales Director, Samsung: “Our partnership with Kantar Media’s TGI data further strengthens our CTV offering for brands and opens up new privacy-secure targeting segments valued by TV advertisers.”
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