Empowering The Earthshot Prize to better understand its key audiences

the earthshot prize
Global environmental organisation The Earthshot Prize needed to better understand the values and behaviours of its key consumer audiences so that it could better engage them.


The Earthshot Prize needed to understand the views of the general public towards sustainability and environmental issues in order to create an effective audience strategy and communications plan. 


We mapped Kantar’s Sustainable Sector Index into TGI Global Quick View – our harmonised TGI survey which covers 35 markets worldwide – via our TGI Plus capability, which enables the integration of ad hoc data into TGI quickly and inexpensively. This enabled The Earthshot Prize to gain a detailed understanding of audience profiles across markets. 

Kantar Media provided full access to the TGI Global Quick View database, with training and dedicated support to interrogate the mapped segments across other media and psychographic TGI variables.


For the first time, The Earthshot Prize was able to truly understand the wider consumer behaviours and attitudes of its targets and therefore create more tailored campaigns that resonated more strongly with different target groups.   


The Earthshot Prize’s communications and media strategy was optimised for the audiences it sought to reach. 

By understanding the values, attitudes and behaviours of its audiences, it was able to develop communications that were more likely to raise awareness and change behaviours. 

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