MVP: Measure the Brand Power of Athletes

We offer the robust solution to measure branding for athletes. It helps you understand the marketability, value and presence of athletes to get better results from your marketing and partnerships
MVP abstract image

Athlete marketability

Each athlete gets an aggregated ‘following’ score across social platforms, with an associated ‘impact’ score. 

Athlete brand value 

Our sophisticated media valuation methodology offers insights around the commercial value generated by each athlete. 

Athlete media presence 

The popularity of each athlete, and their competitive platform, are both analysed to provide greater context. 

Whether globally recognised or an emerging talent, sports stars can offer huge value to brands. We analyse five key pillars – following, impact, value, popularity and platform – to help you better understand an individual athlete’s brand power and how to optimise marketing opportunities around them.


The MVP score out of 100 stands on five pillars: 

  • Following 
  • Impact 
  • Value 
  • Popularity 
  • Platform 

The pillars provide insight on the opportunities to better connect with engaged audiences. 

Scale adaptability

Before ‘graduating’ to MVP, athletes are measured as Rising Stars; this is where we monitor emerging talent. To calculate the Rising Star score, we apply weighting to each of the five pillars to normalise the current level of each athlete’s MVP score and demonstrate their likely future growth – perfect for unlocking potential partnerships at the beginning of an athlete’s development journey.

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