SportScope: Media Insights into Sports Fans Around the World

Understand the sports market: gain in-depth, quality and affordable insight into the sports market landscape with our dedicated sports measurement solution
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Comprehensive knowledge of your fans

Understand how to engage fanbases effectively and appropriately, to ensure they remain at the heart of your strategy.

Sports brand profiling and benchmarking 

Understand the awareness and scale of your platform or brand within the sports industry. 

Brand exposure and engagement 

Get an industry-leading view around engagement and interaction with sport, and consumption of sports-related content. 

Covering 40+ markets, Global SportScope is a harmonised data set that delivers the insights you need to understand the impact and power of sports teams and franchises, related brands, rights holders and sports competitions.  

With rich insights on fan engagement, content consumption and brand power, you can build an effective strategy, make smart investment decisions, grow your fanbase, and strengthen your position in the competitive sports landscape. 


A semi-syndicated approach lets clients use custom questions and maximise relevance, efficiency and appropriateness.  


Our online survey is in 40+ markets, providing sports attitudes and behaviours from a representative sample of adults.  

Data & delivery 

SportScope data is accessed via our Choices platform, which allows you to perform analysis and run reports on demand.


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